In a traditional General Contracting delivery, both the Design Team and the General Contractor are individually accountable to the Owner. Once bids are received, the Owner contracts with the General Contractor. Loeffler is a Best Value Contractor and seeks to always make sure the owner gets the best value for their money. We use a best value approach to soliciting and selecting subcontractors. By starting with the most financially capable, cost effective, quality oriented and safe subcontractors; our projects run more smoothly than our competitors.

General Contracting does not allow for contractor input during the design phase on project planning, scheduling or budgeting. This linear design – bid – build process oftentimes means a longer overall project schedule duration than other construction delivery methods. The price is not established until bids are received from General Contractors; as a result, the schedule may be lengthened if bids exceed the budget and re-design and re-bidding are necessary.