UMN St. Paul Campus Roofs – 2021

Overall Project Size: 
3 Roofs Across Campus

University of Minnesota

Miller Dunwiddie

Loeffler Role: 
General Contractor

This project was comprised of three roof replacements on the University of Minnesota – St. Paul Campus. Buildings included Aldermann Hall, Haecker Hall, and the Biosystems Building. Each building was procured as a separate contract, each with its own scheduling requirements, materials, logistics plans, and project stakeholders. Each roof was strategically scheduled using two separate roofing crews to complete all buildings within the University’s ideal timeline. Unique to Haecker Hall and the Biosystem building, is their clay tile roofs, which were facing extended lead times for the material procurement at the time of the project. Our teams had to adjust schedules and the order in which jobs were completed to ensure the schedule was completed within the University’s desired timeline.