Our consulting services have a new home and a new name, with the same expert team. 

When you need future-focused cost consulting or proactive owner’s representation on a construction project, you can now turn to Rockwise Strategies.

For years, our consulting team has been offering cost consulting and owner’s representation services under the banner of the Loeffler Construction and Consulting brand. We decided it was time to give these services and the team behind them their own identity. 

But we’re still connected: teams across Loeffler and Rockwise will always collaborate and borrow expertise from each other to bring even more value to our clients.

Architects and designers value Rockwise Strategies cost consulting for:

  • Precise cost estimation.
  • Customized project parameters.
  • Market trend analysis.
  • Comprehensive project evaluation.

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Owners and project managers depend on Rockwise owner’s representation for:

  • Advocacy during renovations and new builds.
  • Decision-making based on client priorities.
  • Proactive market and industry standards navigation.
  • Budget and schedule monitoring.

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Visit the Rockwise Strategies home page to learn more about our cost consulting and owner’s representative services for your project and view case studies to see what we’ve done.

Client Testimonial

"Having been involved in the construction industry for over 35 years as a CEO, General Manager and Project Manager, I have never experienced this level of cooperation, dedication, integrity, and an attitude to overcome all obstacles including Minnesota's infamous weather."

– Shawn S. Smyth, Jackpot Junction Casino

August 6, 2019