At Loeffler, we believe diversity among our workforce, strategic partners, and subcontractors adds unparalleled value to our team and projects. As a women and minority owned business, Loeffler holds diversity, equity, and inclusion as one of our core values. We believe that our workforce should represent the communities we are serving. To ensure that belief becomes a reality, our team founded the Loeffler Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee with the goal of taking actionable steps within our community and internally to support and nurture the growth of our future construction industry professionals.


As a Small Business Enterprise that is minority and woman-owned, our team places a great deal of importance and value in utilizing qualified, experienced, underrepresented companies on each of our projects. During the subcontractor hiring process, we include diversity goals in each of our subcontracts and promotes the hiring of women and minorities with specific metrics. Through our affiliations, we have identified multiple strategic partners from the MNUCP and Section 3 that we work with regularly who have the interest and capacity to perform specific scopes of work.

Internally, our goal is to create a diverse team and ensure equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone. We guarantee the fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all. Our hiring procedures are free from biases related to age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics. We also work with campus recruiting to offer internship opportunities to students of all backgrounds.


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Client Testimonial

"Loeffler has high standards for building and safety which are appreciated.  They do not take short-cuts.  Any alternative materials compared to plan are vetted through the owner first, and then the architect and engineers.  Communication is a strength of the Loeffler team; updates are given weekly to all stakeholders."

– Darin Prescott, Lower Sioux Indian Community

August 6, 2019