Loeffler Construction and Consulting is currently reconstructing the majority of the parking lot at Post Consumer Brands in Lakeville, MN. This builds upon the replacement of the south section of the parking lot that LCC managed in 2019.  The project includes removing existing pavement, base and sub-base material, and installing a stabilizing geotextile fabric, new sand sub-base, class 5 gravel and paving the top with a highly-durable and long-lasting asphalt mix. The existing soil conditions require correction in order to provide a product that will give the client a quality parking lot for years to come.

Approximately half of the base and sub-base work is now complete. Once finished with that portion of the scope, the asphalt paving and striping can occur over two to three days and the project will be complete! Despite the difficult soil conditions, the project remains on-schedule for substantial completion in mid-September. #IntegrityBuilt