Christina Shelton, LEED AP – Senior Cost Consultant

Christina is an analytical thinker who is committed to providing quality, detailed construction cost estimates to each of her clients. Her extensive industry experience, passion for her work, and attention to detail makes her a strong asset to the Loeffler Consulting team and clients alike. Receiving her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Kansas State, Christina has served in a variety of roles throughout the AEC industry, including project representative, project manager, and senior estimator.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family and her two dogs Suzy and Sophie, who she affectionately refers to as “her girls”. She also loves running, fishing, hiking, and truly anything that gives her an adrenaline rush!

Fladger Phenix – Superintendent

Fladger is best known for his outgoing personality and authentic passion for his work. This passion can be seen in the way he approaches work onsite each day, always willing to go the extra mile.  His background in construction started when he was 17 years old framing houses. Since then, he’s worked in several trades before becoming a Superintendent 15 years ago.

With completed projects in states like Texas, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia, Fladger is a seasoned Superintendent who is willing to do whatever it takes to successfully deliver a project. For him, it goes beyond just supervising the site. Forming quality working relationships with our trade partners and lending them a helping hand when needed is just a part of his nature.

When he’s not on the jobsite, you can find him writing and playing music, fishing, hunting, spending time with family, or working on his house.