As part of an industry deemed “essential” during the recent COVID-19 pandemic and Stay at Home Order, Loeffler reacted quickly to implement our own Loeffler COVID-19 Protocols. Our management team along with our Safety Manager, Ben Nordquist, put together a comprehensive COVID-19 document that outlines the symptoms of COVID-19, jobsite best practices as recommended by the CDC, and a detailed response plan should a COVID-19 exposure be suspected on site.


Similar to other site safety posters and documents, our COVID-19 Protocols are posted at each of our jobsites. Loeffler has also begun to incorporate these protocols into all contracts to support enforcement. We believe our approach to this pandemic is another form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep our site safe. Below are a few of the critical items which Loeffler enforces:

Loeffler has been successful in implementing and enforcing the above action items along with many others that the MDH and CDC have recommended. Having a response plan in place early and staying up to date on the latest guidance from officials, has allowed Loeffler to minimize our exposure to any potential outbreak and schedule delays.


Safety has always been our number one priority here at Loeffler Construction and although COVID-19 has been an area of focus in recent months, Loeffler has not ignored all other aspects of keeping jobsites safe. Having established an internal Safety Committee years ago, we regularly meet internally to challenge ourselves to improve our site protocols and equipment to ensure safety for all. As new protocols and measures are implemented, we ensure our team is updated in real time. In addition, all team members have access to and are required to understand the contents of our comprehensive Safety Manual.


Everyone deserves to go home at the end of the day, this includes our internal team members, project stakeholders, trade partners, and the general public. We will have on-site safety measures in place including signage to identify dangers and/or keep people out of harm’s way.