By Danielle Ravnikar
Cost Consultant

The Loeffler consulting group is taking the year 2020 in stride and used this trying year to expand our services into market segments that can continue to serve the community. We expanded our efforts into the Parks and Recreation market segment, and it took off faster than anticipated. Our consulting services have been crucial in achieving approval on a variety of individualized projects including the Miller Barn and Valley Creek Park project, multi-site Brooklyn Park building and trail system, and Elliot Skate Park.

Each project is unique and requires an in depth understanding of the 80+ acre site’s geographic composition. There is great value in preserving the land and working with it for our clients’ project success. On a recent project, a trail system was designed through a 60-acre site that crossed four main land types including forest, plain, marsh, and valley. Attention to the land type throughout the designed trail system was a key component in providing an accurate cost analysis.

We are also aware of the funding designations that come from government grants and private donors. This may include a lump sum donation or be as detailed as having a company donate the material for a particular specification. The Loeffler team provides cost estimates that supply the donor groups with detailed explanations of donation allocation, which can be an essential step for continuing the design process in confidence. Our consulting team also takes the time and consideration with our ownership groups to present our cost estimates. In this effort we can listen to our clients’ needs that may not be obvious on paper. We hold great value for these meetings as it is our main goal to provide the ownership with an accurate representation of their needs.

Historic preservation of site structures has proven to be the most intricate of analysis. On a recent conservation project, a structure built in 1820 was undergoing a remodel to better serve the current programing of the building. When we work with preservation projects such as this, site photos and as built drawings are essential to get a comprehensive picture of the current state of the building. Cross referencing through photos, as-builts, and new drawings is the best way to provide an accurate cost estimate for our client. Extra attention to detail is needed while performing our audit, as something as small as the grand room cabinet hardware may be a critical piece of history to remain and protect throughout the construction process. It is incredibly rewarding to the Loeffler group to provide a cost estimate for our clients on projects such as these, because they help aide the ownership group in performing their work more efficiently.

As the Loeffler consulting group continues to expand into the parks and recreation group, we look forward to the projects to come, unique opportunities await, and we want to help achieve continued success for all!