To kick off Construction Safety Week 2021, we caught up with our CEO/President, Doug Loeffler, to break down what Construction Safety means to him, and how that translates into the safety-oriented culture we have here at Loeffler Construction.

When asked what safety meant to him, he said, “To me, safety is all about awareness and preparedness. Starting with a culture of awareness, we can allow all team members to understand the detriments of not practicing proper safety measures. Bringing light to the idea that accidents can happen to anyone then allows space for preparedness. We prepare through CPR Training, Frist Aid Trainings, Guest Speakers, and truly anything we can do give our team the tools to react in the event of an accident.”

Doug’s statement on safety translates well into today’s #constructionsafetyweek topic, which is Be Present, Be Focused. It is not enough to be focused just on personal safety, but it’s incredibly important to mitigate mental distractions that can lead to serious accidents. Loeffler views our trade partners as an extension of our team and works hard to ensure that everyone who steps onto our jobsite gets to safely return to their loved ones at the end of the day. As the Safety Week rally cry goes, we are stronger and safer together.

Stay tuned as we continue to discuss daily topics for #ConstructionSafetyWeek2021!