Anishinabe Bii Gii Wiin

Overall Project Size: 
19,000 Square Feet

American Indian Community Development Corporation and the Project for Pride in Living, Inc.

DJR Architecture

Loeffler Role: 
General Contractor

Project Spec Sheet:
Anishinabe Bii Gii Wiin (2,103 KB)

The Anishinabe Wakiagun Building was originally built in 1995 and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The American Indian Community Development Corporation (AICDC) along with the Project for Pride in Living, Inc. (PPL) decided the Wakiagun Building needed an upgrade and addition. Loeffler Construction & Consulting was awarded the project in late spring. The project consists of new finishes to existing units as well as remodeled common areas, corridors, restrooms, kitchen and office spaces. The existing building was an affordable housing facility for Native American residents who lived in the building during the remodel. With that in mind, Loeffler Construction & Consulting helped create a work plan to mitigate disruption to the residents. 

The new building (Bii Gii Wiin) is a 32 unit multifamily affordable housing facility. The addition is 3 stories and includes common areas, reception, offices, and living spaces. Construction took place in two phases with phase 1 (Bii Gii Wiin Addition) starting in October of 2015, and was completed in May of 2016. And, phase 2 (Wakiagun Remodel) began in January of 2016 and was completed the following month.