When Hiring an Owners Rep – Why Loeffler?

Our Values

Our honesty drives our commitment to our clients. We are Integrity Built – meaning we do what we say we are going to do. We strive to be advocates for our clients by presenting options and making recommendations for the best solutions, both short- and long-term. We are proactive in addressing design decisions that could affect building performance.

Safety First
We are committed to safety for a number of reasons, primarily that we value the lives of the people working on our projects and recognize that they have families that depend on them to come home safely every day.  There are also other real world and financial considerations to safety such as lower insurance costs, higher productivity, decreases in construction time, and improved morale at all levels.
Our Clients' Needs

We take time to understand our clients’ needs by asking questions and then listening to the answers. We then take appropriate action to exceed our clients’ expectations by always placing our clients’ needs first. Having a large capital project in front of you increases your daily responsibilities and can be overwhelming. As owner’s rep, we represent you – we’ve got your back. We do the heavy lifting of the overall day-to-day project management which frees up your time to do what you do best.

Industry Translator

We’ve worked in the construction industry for over 30 years; during that time, we’ve worked with architects and many other industry professionals. Because of this, we are uniquely qualified to provide insights and translate industry jargon, so you are never left wondering “What does that mean?” As your owner’s rep, we will routinely review your project goals and walk you through drawings and specifications on an as-needed basis.

We review documentation and construction for accuracy, timeliness, and quality to ensure complete client satisfaction with the quality of the completed project. We have an intentional process that includes a pre-planned submittal process, mock-ups, third-party reviews, pre-installation meetings, monitoring during construction, completed construction reports, and manufacturer representative involvement that are intended to ensure complete client satisfaction with the quality of the completed project.

We implement the project management software Procore™ that allows with ease the exchange of information and filing of documents. We know that you need access to project information, and we will manage countless documents on your behalf.

Budget, Cost Savings, & Peace of Mind

We will establish a solid master budget complete with lessons learned and will track expenses related to progress on the project. The master budget should include details related to critical paths and deliverables from all parties.

Although we cannot claim to save our entire fee through our efforts, as your owner’s rep, we will save you money. We’ve been on the ground and know what to look for – by having an owner’s rep at the helm, you will gain peace of mind that your project is following industry protocols and reducing risk.

Scope Identification

We work with the entire team to establish roles and responsibilities and work with team members individually to make sure that nothing is overlooked including many tasks that have to be completed by the Owner, as well, which may include surveys, soil information, agreements, contracts, hazmat, move management, IT management, security systems and more. Sometimes additional consultants need to be hired to meet project goals. If necessary, we will generate the RFP, interview, and negotiate contracts where required.

Long Term Relationships

Because the projects we oversee are an integral part of our clients’ long-term business plans, we endeavor to understand the details of our clients’ continuing operations.  We will strive to ensure that information is brought forth early that allows our clients to make informed decisions that may affect their long-term operations and their long-term satisfaction with their real estate assets. We have solid relationships in the industry and can weed out good consultants from bad. Often times we will know the architect and the construction firms on your project. We will operate as an extension of the Owner. We look for ways to be more cost effective with construction options and solutions. We show up every day ready to work at saving money with the goal of being a true value to our clients. We will work with the team to build a master schedule and track it.

Client Testimonial

"Every time Loeffler is awarded one of our projects I am delighted, as I know I will be working with a friendly, professional, creative and efficient team who values customer concerns and is dedicated to quality delivery. In my experience, the Loeffler team truly embodies its motto of Integrity Built."

– Adam Howard, University of Minnesota 

July 13, 2020