University of Minnesota – Bridge 9

Overall Project Size:

Barr Engineering

Loeffler Role: 
Cost Consultant

Project Spec Sheet:
UMN Bridge 9 

The City of Minneapolis began a large scale, multi-phased maintenance project on the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge No. 9 in 2012 which is expected to be completed in 2026. In 2020, Loeffler provided Barr Engineering with a construction cost estimate for this two phased relocation of steam and condensate lines.

Phase 1 included the erection of a new elevated steel bridge to support the temporarily re-routed steam and condensate pipes. It also included the demolition of the existing pipe support structure and catwalk. Once the City completes the critical rehabilitation on Piers No. 6 & 7, Phase 2 includes the installation of a permanent catwalk and demolition of temporary piping.

The Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge No. 9 was constructed in 1922 and was largely used to carry freight over the Mississippi River. In 1986, the bridge was acquired by the City of Minneapolis and has since been converted into a pedestrian bridge. Bridge 9 connects the University of Minnesota’s East and West Bank Campuses. Steam and condensate are routed beneath the bridge from the Main Energy Plant on the East Bank Campus to service the West Bank campus buildings.