Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung

Overall Project Size: 
51,759 SF

Ain Dah Yung Center

DSGW Architects

Loeffler Role: 
Preconstruction & Construction Services

Project Spec Sheet:
Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung

The Mino Oski Ain Dah Yung Center is a 42-unit supportive housing project on University Avenue in St. Paul and is geared toward homeless, American Indian young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. Developed in partnership between the Ain Dah Yung Center and Project for Pride in Living, this four-story, 50,000 SF project aims to help the young adults reconnect with their culture and learn to live independently. The property features gathering spaces for cultural ceremonies, workshops for bead-working and drum-making, a sweat lodge, a sacred medicine garden, classrooms, a technology center, job training, and other support services.
This project included financing through various public and private entities and was completed in late 2019.​
Check out the time-lapse and completed construction videos below!

Time-lapse During Construction

Completed Construction