Lakeville Liquors Keokuk

Overall Project Size: 
20,061 SF

City of Lakeville

Tushie Montgomery Architects

Loeffler Role: 
Construction Manager Advisor

Project Spec Sheet:
Lakeville Liquors Keokuk

Loeffler Construction & Consulting was selected in the fall of 2020 to become the Construction Manager Adviser to build the 4th municipal liquor store for the City of Lakeville. Having been in the liquor business since 1934, the City of Lakeville is the largest and most profitable municipal operation in the state of Minnesota and it was time to add an additional store on the south side of Lakeville along Interstate 35.

Consisting of over 17,000 square feet of retail and office space, this new facility serves as the primary location for operations of Lakeville Liquors. The new store also included a 2,900 square foot event space – With room to host various events such as tastings, community engagement activities and company gatherings, the liquor store emporium is a unique space for a liquor store. Acquiring the land several years before, the City of Lakeville built the new liquor store on the southern parcel of a larger property. The project also included earthwork preparations to the northern parcel of land in anticipation of sale or future development.