Lakeville Liquors Keokuk

Overall Project Size: 
20,061 SF

City of Lakeville

Tushie Montgomery Architects

Loeffler Role: 
Construction Manager Advisor

Project Spec Sheet:
Lakeville Liquors Keokuk

This project will provide the city of Lakeville with a brand new, 20,061 SF municipal liquor store that includes a tasting/event room. Loeffler has been involved with this project from the very beginning, and has provided the City with valuable advice regarding the design, constructibility, and site work involved with this project.

For example, the City has three current municipal liquor stores in operation that often host monthly tasting events. These events have proved to be highly popular, and the City envisioned including a tasting/event space in their new building. Once Loeffler was brought onto the team, we quickly realized the envisioned tasting room was outside of the City’s budget. Our team worked diligently with the design team and City to create a space that was within their budget, while meeting their expectations for the space.