Harry’s Cafe

Overall Project Size: 
4,600 Square Feet

Harry’s Cafe

Wilkus Architects

Loeffler Role: 
Preconstruction and Construction Services

Project Spec Sheet:
Harry’s Cafe (486 KB)

Loeffler Construction teamed with Wilkus Architects to renovate Harry’s Café in Lakeville. The owner of the restaurant, Harry Brand, wanted to update his restaurant in celebration of his 20th year in business. The scope of the renovations required a closure of the building, so to limit the duration, Loeffler requested only 17 working days to get the restaurant back in operation. Loeffler and their subcontractors worked around the clock to meet and exceed the expectations of the owner. As planned and with a team effort, Harry’s Café was able to have their Grand Opening the Sunday morning of Mother’s Day.

Even with all of the new finishes that Loeffler provided, two key things did not change. The first one is Harry’s ‘Airplane’ theme. Throughout the entire restaurant, you will continue to see the airplane artwork that was present before the renovation. The second significant ‘ingredient’ that did not change in the restaurant is the spectacular service that was, and will always, be offered when you step foot into Harry’s Café.