Confidential Client Energy Park Data Center


Confidential Client


Loeffler Role: 
General Contractor

Project Spec Sheet: 

This project encompassed the replacement of the paralleling gear for the data center in the building. All of the gear needed to be replaced without turning the data center off at any time. To accomplish this task a temporary service was built in the parking lot. A temporary generator plant consisting of (3) 1 meg, trailer-mounted units were built to tie into the service for backup power to the data center. After the temporary service was commissioned, the active loads in the building were transferred over to the temporary service one at a time. This was accomplished via the redundancy built into the old gear without turning the power off to the data center. Once all the loads were transferred the old gear was removed from the building. This consisted of (2) 3000 amp services, a paralleling switchboard and one of the utility transformers. The new gear was built in a new configuration in the same room, with (2) 3000 amp double ended services. Each service was completely automated with electrically operated breakers, SCADA and EMPS. A new cable bus was installed to replace the old bus way feeding the two UPS units, generators and mechanical boards. The UPS bus feeders ran from the back of the building to the front of the building through existing hallways, office and printing space. During this down time the four existing generators underwent heavy maintenance. Parts of each unit were replaced or rebuilt, one leaky radiator was replaced and the control and sensors of each unit were upgraded. When all of the new equipment was ready and commissioned the loads were again transferred over a series of weekend operations without turning the data center off at any time.