Battle Creek Winter Recreation Area


Overall Project Size: 
4,415 SF

Ramsey County

Collaborative Design Group

Loeffler Role: 

The Loeffler team served as the Design-Builder for the Battle Creek Winter Recreation project for Ramsey County’s Parks and Recreation Department. The design process included input from county staff, park users, and operators of similar snowmaking system in the Midwest, to ensure the final design best met the needs of the community. Key upgrades included adding snow making to the park, a LED lighting upgrade, improvements to park access and the addition of a maintenance and operations building.

The snowmaking system includes (24) positions with water and electrical connections to power (8) snow guns provided by SMI Snowmakers. To serve the system, there is 7,500 lineal feet of buried waterline throughout the park. The new maintenance and operations building includes the water pumping equipment, crew operation area and storage for equipment when not in use.

This facility is the first snowmaking facility in the east metro and is expected to bring 165,000 annual visits and extend the season to 5 months of guaranteed winter recreation!

Completed Construction Video