Artspace Lofts Minot

Overall Project Size: 
50,000 Square Feet


LHB, Inc.

Loeffler Role: 
Performed Preconstruction and Construction services

Project Spec Sheet: 

Artspace Lofts Minot was the first newly constructed building in downtown Minot in over thirty years when completed in summer 2013. The project is a four story wood-framed structure over a precast podium that was constructed over Caissons. The single greatest project challenge involved finding a buried hotel on the site which required the entire building to be supported on drilled piers and grade beams. Included in this building are 34 live-work artist’s studio apartments and first floor retail.

The Artspace Lofts Minot was a 94% tax credit financed property and followed section 42 of the IRS code along with all Department of Housing and Community Development rules.

The Green Building Community guidelines were used as a guide to create a building with a high level of sustainable materials.

​First Floor Retail tenants include: Turtle Mountain Indian Museum, Minot Area Council for the Arts, and Children’s Music Academy.